A mix of photos, how I made them, where/how/why, and stories of my journey in photography, this blog will likely be artful, weird, long-winded, deep, shallow, curmudgeonly, youthful, and that’s by noon. Sometimes my photos won’t quite make the cut for the website but I’ll share them here…for how I missed what i was hoping to capture, or how I was trying something new. I have some pretty gifted siblings when it comes to photography and I may have a guest post from them from time to time, as well. You might find reasons a portrait session for your high school senior/Ferrari F12/growing family/grandparents is important to set up. Maybe one of them will share something about a shoot (I speak Ferrari, so I can translate), or perhaps a note from the owner of an original art print might tell what speaks to them about their piece. I’ll also list gallery shows and art fairs here, along with photos of the events. The art fair circuit will be entirely new to me (targeting October as a starting point) and I’m sure they’ll generate some amusing anecdotes along the way. So, as blogs go, it might be a little scattered. But, it will all, somehow, be focused (see what I did there?) on my photographic journey.